Browary Warszawskie, 62 Grzybowska Street

The scope of work:

Air conditioning installation based on the VRF system – passageways

Browary Warszawskie is an investment of Echo Investment company, which is built on a plot between Grzybowska, Wronia, Chłodna and Krochmalna streets. It’s a place with a beautiful history and a remarkable atmosphere, but most of all, a modern, functional and comprehensive urban and architectural concept. This investment consists of office buildings, residential buildings, commercial space, shops, restaurants and public city squares and creates an incredibly attractive, green and multi-functional micro-district.  The Office Building by Brama is one of three office buildings of in the entire complex. The total area is approximately 15,000 m2. Each building offers the highest technical, ecological and aesthetic standard, and at the same time guarantees highly comfortable working conditions. The interior design refers to the history of former breweries which creates a unique atmosphere of the place. The investment is in construction, however, the Office Building by Brama was built first. The building is situated close to the representative Brama Browarów square, next to the entrance to the premises of Browary Warszawskie, on the corner of Grzybowska and Wronia streets. It consists of two parts: a stepwise shaped dominant with 11 floors and a lower wing with 7 floors.