Involvement and professionalism

Our strength is our team

We design comfort
AC Group was established in response to the growing needs of a constantly developing HVAC sector. Over the years, our brand has become a synonym for ‘reliable partnership, care for details and quality’. These values reflect our achievements which we can be proud of.
Every day we aspire to improve the quality of services offered – we have gained extensive experience, which allows us to design, accomplish and service air conditioning and ventilation installations.
In AC Group, we are still developing in respect of renewable energy sources offering solutions such as photovoltaics or heat pumps - all of this is in view of the surroundings and its environmental impact.
The strength of our company is its team, made up of highly qualified managerial, engineering and service management staff, which manage the investment processes for the largest companies in Poland such as ECHO Investment, Globalworth, Skanska, White Star Real Estate, Colliers, Muniak, Tetris, Orange, Reesco, EPP, Philips, Electrolux, ABB, 3M GSC Poland, Capgemini.
Karol Bielecki
Chairman of the Board
Karol Brytek
Project Manager, Board Member
Ernest Zep
Key Account Manager, Proxy
Rafał Wicha
Project Manager, Owner of Temeko
Maciej Targosz
Electrical Project Implementation Manager
Magdalena Kupis
Contract Pricing and Administration Coordinator
Paweł Baran
Air Conditniong Implementation and Intallation Manager / RES
Magdalena Prędota
Purchasing specialist
Patrycja Wojciechowska
Purchasing specialist
Angelika Baran
Service Coordinator
Brand Manager
Aleksandra Rabczewska
Senior Accountant
Elżbieta Piotrowicz
Coordinator of the Kielce Branch
Kamil Radoszewski
Production Manager
We kindly invite you to make contact with a representative relevant to the department in AC Group - we gladly welcome you to cooperate with us!

Targets and values

AC Group guarantees a high quality service – for our clients it primarily means minimizing the risk and taking responsibility for the constant functioning of the buildings and the uniterrupted work of the teams.
We are highly competitive on the market due to our extensive emphasis on development and attention to detail.

We cope perfectly well with unpredictable and critical situations.
Comprehensive cooperation, experience and independence are the values,
based on which we are able to strengthen our position on the market.


We constantly develop the quality of our services adjusting to our customers’ expectations. We place particular importance on flexibility and synergy of our partnerships. Our care for the comfort of our customers and business partners is deeply rooted in our brand’s DNA.


We aim at becoming the leader on the domestic market, and what is more, to be a recognizable partner on selected foreign markets.


AC Group is a socially responsible company.
What does it mean in practice?

Responsible employer

There is a special organizational structure and responsibility within every workplace in our company. It has allowed our employees to feel more flexible in making decisions, which visibly streamlines the work of the entire company.

We also focus on the personal development of our employees by investing in the improvement of their skills and qualifications through the training in client communication, dispute settlements, as well as professional and specialist courses (including these within the scope of obtaining/renewal of qualifications). Due to these activities our employees have the sense of employment security and their loyalty to the company has risen.

Ecologically aware

Reducing our carbon footprint is a crucial global issue, which is why we focus on the environmental care within CSR activities.

We started this by creating a more eco-friendly office, i.e changing light bulbs into energy-efficient ones, reducing paper, toner and power consumption.

Our membership in the Polish Green Building  Council  (PLGBC) began in January 2022.

Since then we have started cyclical planting of trees with

We consciously choose new products which are less harmful to the environment.
In our offer we can find a wide range of ecological solutions both for business and individual clients. We try to educate and encourage people to choose products which are good for the environment through the offering of materials and articles on our blog.

Working together for the local culture and education

We think globally, but we also try to act locally in Świętokrzyskie voivodeship by supporting our local community in various initiatives.

AC Group is involved in activities in Fenomen Cinema in Kielce, thanks to which the local community can take part in cultural events and have access to film productions selected by critics.