Echo Shopping Centre, Kielce, Świętokrzyska 20 Street

The scope of work:

Gas installation
Water and sewage installation
Technological heat installation
Installation of ventilation
Rooftop replacement

Echo Shopping Centre is one of the largest shopping and entertainment facilities in Poland. The total area is 159,000 m2, of which 70,000 m2 is
commercial space with 250 stores. Our task is to re-fit out 4,900 sq m of retail space previously occupied by the Tesco brand.

The owner of the shopping mall is EPP, the Reesco Group is the general the contractor which we cooperate with.

One of the challenges was the replacement of the rooftops. It was not the first time we performed such an operation, but this time it was a quite unusual task because of the type of crane that had to be used here. In this case it was also extremely important to develop the design and do the calculations, build the structure on the roof, and after the calculations, select the appropriate crane.

We opted for high-performance devices – their weight as well as
their placement required the use of a crane with a huge reach. There was no such equipment in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, so logistics of the task became even more complicated. Rooftops have also traveled a long way – they were brought from France, their technical parameters were important:

1) Total thermodynamic power with fan: heating 160kW,
cooling 149kW. Weight 3400 kg
2) Total thermodynamic power with fan: heating 51kW,
cooling 49kW. Weight 1730 kg