Endorfina, Nowy Świat Department Store, 20 Krakowska Street, Rzeszów

The scope of work:

Executive project
MIDEA VRF air conditioning installation – 15 INDOOR UNITS + 2
external power generating units
Installation of two MIDEA power generating units for AHUs with a power of 73 kW and 5.3 Kw
Installation of VTS supply and exhaust air handling unit
Implementation of a mechanical ventilation system for the needs of the club.

Endorfina Platinium is about 1600 square meters of space divided into 10 training zones. The chain of Endorfina clubs is a place where a friendly and effective approach to exercising is highly valued. The chain decided to give us a lot of trust in terms of the thermal comfort of people training in the modern interiors. The strength of Endorfina is the highest standards in clubs and a wide range of group activities and personal training, thanks to which the organization develops very quickly and wins recognition of many loyal customers. Endorfina Clubs are designed in a modern, designer way – ensuring intimacy and giving comfort and variety of training every day.