Fuzja, Łódź, 5/7 Ks. bp. W. Tymienieckiego Street

The scope of work:

Hygroster ventilation of apartments
Residential and fire ventilation of the garage
6000m2 underground garage

An investment is located on the premises of old Karol Scheibler’s factory. It is a residential complex with additional office and commercial space. It includes 20 buildings of various purposes, where 14 of them are converted historical buildings. Fuzja is a unique part of Łódź, full of history, with fascinating future prospects. The old Karol Scheibler’s textile empire is revived by Echo Investment, which with great care brings its area to life, making it a friendly, open and vibrant quarter of the city. Within the heart of this area will be an historic Art Nouveau heat and power plant, which supplied power to the whole factory for years, and later after being shut down, inspired artists. It will now gain a new function and as a result radiate a shine.