Lubicz Business Centre, Kraków, 23 Lubicz Street

The scope of work:

Smoke exhaust system

Lubicz Business Centre consists of two modern office buildings, which are different in terms of design and size. The 1st Building is a substantially large edifice with an internal patio, sandstone elevation and high glazing which complements the main entrance. There is 25 000 square meters of the total area, and the typical area of a floor amounts to 2 700 square meters. The 2nd building is fully glazed and offers about 8 400 square meters of the total area, and a typical floor area is 950 square meters. A high standard of the office space finish, the use of pro-ecological solutions, functionality, the possibility of flexible space arrangement, as well as significant glazing and optimal access to daylight ensure comfortable working conditions in both buildings. The office buildings obtained the prestigious BREEAM certificates at a very good level.