Source: Echo Investment, Browary Warszawskie

Does your building have the BREEAM certificate?

In modern construction there is great attention is paid not only to functionality, but also to the comfort of use and the beneficial effect on the environment. This is why there has been developed the BEEAM building certification method which evaluates these issues. Currently this is one of the most important certification schemes which sets the standards for the design and ecological construction.

BEEAM certificate – what is this?

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, it is a multi-criteria certification scheme of buildings, which is focused on the evaluation of an investment quality. This method was prepared in 1990 in Great Britain by BRE Global, and is presently used in 77 countries.

The BREEAM system has been designed so that it can be used everywhere in the world, adapting it to the diverse geographical or legislative conditions. In Poland it is usually mistaken with the energy performance certificate of a building, while the BREEAM certificate includes many more issues and its aim is to set the new standards in construction.

In the certification process it is necessary to hire a BREEAM Assessor. The building which is applying for the certificate is assessed in ten categories. They relate to i.e. project management of the investment, properties of materials used in construction, comfort of use, level of energy consumption in the building, methods of water, sewage and waste management, solutions to reduce pollution emissions, as well as innovation.

Buildings with BREEAM certificate

Among the AC Group realizations we can find buildings which achieved excellent results in the BREEAM certification. One of them is the office complex O3 Business Campus which obtained the certificate with the result of ‘Excellent’. Our scope of work carried out for this building involved:
ventilation and air conditioning installation
condensate drain installation
water and sewage installation
installation of a heat pump circuit

In turn, the office complex Legacy Tower Mint, which we also co-created, obtained the certificate with the result of ‘Outstanding’ – the highest distinction in the certification of pro-ecological solutions process. This project has met incredibly 88% of requirements – it was rated among others, for a friendly working environment and the possibility of natural ventilation. This highest result is unusual and it is granted to the buildings which have realized over 85% of the requirements. This rating was introduced to the system in recent years in order to distinguish investments which have put an effort at above-average level. The result gained by Legacy Tower Mint proves that people, who created this complex, have a high level of environmental awareness.

Another building, which was awarded the BREEAM certificate is Browary Warszawskie. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our other projects which have also been awarded this important certificate.