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We specialize in:

HVAC – comprehensive implementations

We support the development of our customers providing modern and complex solutions within the scope of:

Air conditioning
There are a variety of advanced solutions depending on the investment needs which are responsible for ideal temperatures, clean air, and are allergen and dust free. We can specify solutions such as, air conditioning systems or chilled water systems.
Precision air conditioning
This is the component which is responsible for the reliability of the server room. We use the most advanced solutions concordant to Data Center technical requirements, or other special purpose rooms.
Clean air is a result of well-functioning ventilation. It is also possible to heat surfaces by using this device. We accept orders related to mechanical ventilation or fire ventilation.
Obtaining ideal temperatures is possible by using different technologies. We choose these, according to the most optimal for a given investment. The offer also includes systems for technological heat or heat distribution centers.
Refrigeration technology
We also offer services for even the most demanding clients. These include the needs of restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and laboratories. Our qualified experts deal with the construction of industrial freezers and cold stores, as well as their maintenance.
Fire systems
Ducting, which has to always be efficient and failure-free, even if it is never in operation, is also in our offer.
This allows an effective systems operation and the improvement of production processes. Using BMS means in practice less failures and less consumption of utilities, which is equal with greater savings.
We provide wiring and other related installations in industrial and service facilities (structured cabling, SSP, DSO, KP, low-voltage installations).
Emergency power
We secure the building against power failures by using fuel systems.