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Why is air conditioning service important?

Most people love the sun and summer and associate it with a pleasant time of holiday and relaxation. However, high temperatures can be troublesome during the time when we have to work. Fortunately, pleasant cold comes to the rescue. Flowing from air conditioners that are standard in modern buildings. Moreover in older ones, they are installed more and more often. However, is it just enough to install the devices? For the air conditioning to work properly and not to endanger our health, it should undergo regular maintenance How often should you do this? What does servicing of air conditioning involve? Below we present the most important information on this subject.

There is no doubt that the air conditioning must be clean. It is it, which is responsible for indoor air quality. None of us want to inhale dust, mold, bacteria – and this is what happens when devices are not regularly cleaned and disinfected. Air conditioners collect moisture which is a great environment for the development of pathogenic fungi that can lead to allergies and various ailments of the respiratory system, including cough, runny nose or conjunctivitis. Over time, unpleasant smell starts to come out of such air conditioners. This is a sign that the service was due many months ago.

How often should the air conditioning be serviced?

Polish law does not contain provisions on when to perform air conditioning service, it only states that you have to perform maintenance so that they do not break down. Spring is an excellent time to check your air conditioning system in preparation for summer, when its trouble-free and efficient operation is essential.  When temperatures outside the window reach high levels, air conditioners guarantee the right comfort for work or rest. But it’s not the only time when the air conditioning installation should be inspected. If  we plan to heat the rooms using our devices in the winter, a second service should be performed before the heating season. Unfortunately, many people forget about periodic reviews and only call specialists when the device basically does not work anymore. To prevent this type of situation, it is worth arranging a permanent, regular service with AC Group employees.

What the service includes

What do we pay special attention to during air conditioning service? A few important aspects:

– washing, cleaning and disinfection of condensers
– cleaning, fumigation and disinfection of indoor units
– checking the correct operation of compressors
– checking the operation of fans
– checking the freon installation
– checking the thermal insulation
– checking the condensate drainage system
– checking the electrical connections
– measurements of temperatures and working pressures
– checking the tightness of the system

Remember that properly functioning air conditioning captures various microorganisms, pollutants, pollen from the air therefore it is recommended for people who have problems with allergies or asthma. Although inside a typical air conditioning unit it is humid, its job is also to slightly dry the air so that bacteria and other microorganisms had more difficult conditions for multiplication, and so that we can breathe better.