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Zone air conditioning – thermal comfort of the 21st century

Innovative construction is our reality – it is not only modern architecture or specialized materials, but above all solutions that affect the maximum usability and functionality of the building, as well as care for the environment. In designing air conditioning, this modern approach is distinguished by Airzone zone air conditioning, which brings many benefits in use.

The Airzone system allows you to raise and lower the temperature independently in different rooms, it also has the function of ventilation and air purification. It allows the performance management of the duct unit and enables integration into building automation (eg KNX, Bacnet). Thanks to the application of this solution, the thermal demand is more optimal and economical – the system complies with the BREEM, LEED, WEEL and eu.bac standards.

Too warm? Too cold?

The Airzone system is especially recommended in single-family houses, as well as in different types of office and commercial premises – in places form which we expect comfort, not only in terms of their equipment, but precisely because of such factors as the appropriate temperature, tailored to our current needs. Thanks to the use of zone air conditioning, rooms can have a specific temperature. Do we prefer a soothing coolness in the bedroom, which will allow us to rest after a day full of duties? Here you are! In turn, in the office where we work, we need a few more degrees – done. Choosing Airzone allows us to stop worrying, about the fact that part of the house will be underheated or on the contrary – our building will be overheated. The system is responsible for ensuring that the room has a temperature we like and at which we feel comfortable. It allows you to create up to 8 independent zones in one system and guarantees smooth modulation of the air flow. What’s more, this solution allows you to save up to 30% of energy.

What’s more, the use of such an air conditioning system makes its operation practically noiseless. Zonal air conditioning also means the lack of devices in the interiors, which affects the aesthetics of the entire room and its interior arrangement.

In the Airzone system, you can use main and zone controllers that allow you to optimize selected parameters. The system can also be managed by phone from anywhere, thanks to the Airzone Cloud application.

In summary, the advantages of zone air conditioning include:
  • a significant reduction in the amount of equipment used in the building
  • savings in operation
  • reduction of noise generated by the air conditioning system
  • reduction of service costs
  • simplicity of use and management of the system
Completed project by AC Group

More and more investors decide to use zone air conditioning in their buildings. The broadly understood trend of personalizing the end user experience is also gaining momentum in the HVAC industry. We have completed this type of implementation, among others for the Apollo Spit Business & Living investment – Kancelaria Sochański i Wspólnicy. Mitsubishi Heavy duct air conditioning has been installed. Our tasks included: distribution of ventilation ducts, installation of plenum boxes, installation of ceiling diffusers, installation of AIRZONE zone control.

If you are interested in more information on the possibilities of the zone air conditioning system, please contact us biuro@acgroup.pl..