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Entrepreneur, check how to save energy

Poland as well as the whole of Europe have to cope with an energy crisis on a scale that hadn’t occurred for over 40 years. Rocketing prices of coal, gas and electricity cause concern not only among private individuals in the context of their households, but also among entrepreneurs who are worried about their businesses. In many Polish cities local government officials have already introduced energy saving plans, for example, by turning off the traffic lights at a specified time. The current situation isn’t only affected by the fossil fuels market, but is also a consequence of postponing decisions regarding the modernization of the Polish energy sector. Below we suggest the steps which are worth taking into account to slightly reduce your energy bills.

This winter will be for sure more difficult for many Poles – not only will it be colder, but our wallets will also be significantly depleted. European governments recommend equipping with power generating units and… sweaters and thick socks. Companies have to reach for several solutions of optimizing energy consumption – from educating employees and changing their habits, to properly selected tariffs and modernization of buildings.

Ways to save energy in the office

Depending on the size of the company, the electricity bills can be a major part of the total costs of running a business, so it is worth monitoring them all the time. An important aspect will be the preparation and implementation of an energy saving policy in the company.

The simplest solutions which can be immediately implemented in any office space are:

  • use of natural light to the maximum extent (uncovering roller shutters, blinds, removing shutters that limit the flow of light)
  • switching off the light in rooms which aren’t used by employees (e.g. canteens, cloakrooms, conference rooms)
  • turning off computers and other devices before leaving work (it is notorious that employees leave devices in stand-by mode)
  • printing only necessary documents (it also saves paper and is a way to save our planet’s resources)
  • optimizing air conditioning and not overusing it

Air conditioning and heating service

Buildings are responsible for about 40% of electricity consumption in the world, while HVAC systems use half of it – 20%. These numbers are not only impressive, but also clearly show that it is worth optimizing activities in this area. Until now, a lot of office spaces have been overheated, which shouldn’t happen in places with a properly designed system. HVAC systems should adapt to dynamically changing internal and external conditions.

Periodic inspection and service of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems have a significant influence on energy efficiency. It is worth modernizing the control systems before the upcoming heating season and familiarize with other possibilities of optimizing HVAC installations – our specialists will be happy to get familiar with the needs of your company and prepare appropriate solutions.