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How to fight smog? Bet on a heat pump

In the autumn and winter period, our strolls, walks to work or trainings in the park are inevitably accompanied by the enemy of our lungs and respiratory systems – smog. Unfortunately, it made itself at home for good not only in ours cities, but also smaller towns. Smog is a result of emissions of automotive and industrial pollutants, as well as a wrong approach to heating buildings and the use of poor quality fuels. What is the impact of smog on our health? Why is it worth using heating solutions so as not to poison yourself and others?

Smog – a silent killer

Over the last several years the topic of smog has become increasingly popular. Poland beats its shameful records – 33 out of 50 most polluted cities in Europe are in Poland 1 . Unfortunately, polluted air has irreversible effects on our health, causing difficulties with breathing, shortness of breath, inflammation, allergies and chest pains. Smog also causes heart disorders and is directly related to neoplastic diseases. Cardiologists from the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases conducted research that proved that in the days of the smog alarm the number of deaths increases by as much as 6%2 . We can change our diet, incorporate more movement in our life, but we can’t stop breathing. That is exactly why it is so important to look at the problem of air pollution more broadly and introduce solutions which will have a direct translation into improving the quality of our air. Unfortunately, in our country, most people use old type heating devices, which use coal-type fuel or wood. Poles decided that in this type of furnaces it is possible to burn … practically everything. Many people do not respect the ban on smoking rubbish, including plastic waste, such as bottles and packaging food, and even car tires, which emit very large amounts pollutants into the atmosphere.

Heat pump – better choice for you and the environment.

People who are not indifferent to their own health and quality of life should be interested in alternative, ecological ways of heating the house, to which we can include heat pumps. From year to year, these solutions are getting more and more interest because of their energy efficiency as well as low operating costs. They allow for processing of energy derived from natural resources: air, water and land, to energy that heats houses or warms utility water. The most important advantages of heat pumps include their maintenance-free operation, a cyclical service is enough to maintain its optimal operation, they also do not require additional fuel storage as it is with eco-pea coal or pellet stoves. The heat pump is connected to electrical installation, but can also use electricity generated by solar panels. This arrangement is most advantageous in terms of costs. It also should be noted that heat pumps use less electricity than traditional heating devices.  Around 20% of energy is consumed directly from power grid and the rest is delivered from renewable sources, which means it is completely free.  Heat pump installation costs vary and depend on individual characteristics of a given investment. They can be further reduced using the thermal insulation relief and the government program “Clean air”. 

Subsidy for heat pumps

When deciding to replace the old heating device as well as thermomodernization of the building, it is worth taking advantage of the government subsidy, which allows you to get a maximum return on costs of 32 thousand. PLN (37 thousand PLN in the case of a heat pump connected to PF). From July 2021 the income thresholds allowing for the use of subsidies have been increased. In addition, in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2022, there will also be launched My Heat program, which is similar to the My Electricity program relating to photovoltaics. In the case of My Heat, a subsidy will be available to people who buy and install heat pumps in new houses. It is worth noting that under this program you will be able to receive reimbursement for eligible costs incurred from 01/01/2021. This is important information for people who are in the process of building their home or they are considering this type of investment next year.

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