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Why is the ventilation so important?

The pandemic has significantly affected our lifestyle. We mostly had to switch to an ‘on-line mode’ – our offices, businesses, schools, kindergartens, fitness clubs and entertainment zones have moved into homes. We pay greater attention to our comfort and safety, at the same time trying to improve the conditions that exist there.This is the reason why, we should care about the air quality in the places where we spend most of our time. Its quality should be ensured by proper ventilation.

The task of ventilation is to replace the polluted air inside the house with the fresh outside air. Wrong air circulation can badly affect not only the technical condition of buildings, but more importantly, our health. It is a great problem which occurs most often in thermo-modernized premises.


In places with inadequate ventilation we start to feel headaches, fatigue and have problems with concentration. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics will feel bad at home where the ventilation doesn’t work, and so we will more often experience upper respiratory tract infections.
Some people claim that opening windows will guarantee the proper ventilation. Unfortunately, it is not possible. Opening windows certainly improves air circulation, as well as our well-being. However, it isn’t a regular action, and moreover, it is not possible to be done for a sufficiently long time (e.g. due to too low temperatures outside).

Energy efficiency and ventilation

Ventilation is also connected with heating energy consumption. Nowadays there are a lot of modern solutions and materials used in building industry, which are to ensure energy efficiency of our homes and offices. We aim at saving energy, which assures very high tightness. Gravity ventilation, which has to have constant air supply, cannot work properly in such a tight building. Natural ventilation used in old buildings causes a huge heat loss and an increase in heating bills. This is the reason why many people decide to insulate their houses and replace windows (e.g. for triple-glazed windows).

Proper technical condition of building

The energy-modernized house is similar to a thermos. It guarantees us reduction of the heat loss as well as natural air flow. In this kind of buildings dampness begins to appear, which leads to fungus and mould growth. In consequence these factors deteriorate the technical condition of the entire building – don’t forget the fact, that living and working in such a place is simply very unhealthy.

What does a good ventilation mean?

Natural ventilation is useful in small buildings, but it is important that it should be properly designed. In thermo-modernized houses it is better to install mechanical ventilation.

Recuperation is an increasingly more popular solution which supplies us with clean air and at the same time reduces the energy loss to minimum. The mechanical ventilation is also simple in mounting – recuperator needs only a power supply without any additional requirements. It gets the heat back from the exhaust air by heating the introduced air. It is worth to consider this kind of ventilation while building a house to enjoy smaller heating bills.

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